Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is it that bothers you? - An Introduction

Before going to our mid-week devotional, my mode was not really well set up... feeling bored, lazy, empty and tired of doing my daily routine at work! Something odd was really going on that day that I've even read "boredom" stats on Facebook. Well, at least I'm not alone! I did not even make it to the bank to pay some bills. But good thing my friend at work (Ely Valendez who was also feeling a little down) kept me company and we just pigged-out - now that somehow helped and having seen few showbiz personalities sparked me up a little bit and yes, brought Ely back to the world! hahaha...

That's just an added spice to this write-up. The main subject started when I got to our church's mid-week devotional. I knew that it's gonna be awesome, as always and might be something I need to complete my day. But i did not expect that it was going to be that deep! Deep in a sense that the topic just struck the inner core of our spiritual being! It talks about the desire, trouble or something that bothers you at night that you feel God is sending you to do something and this could be the real purpose of your existence. Yes, we've talked about our shapes before and we've heard a lot of lessons and discussions about that from anywhere... church, books, journals, commentaries, etc... maybe even taken some questionnaires or tests to define it... but it's still hard for us to be compelled to do something... simply because we don't know how to start and how to do it. We're just completely ignorant of who we are especially if we are in the battlefield and pursuit of our existence!

Then three from our brothers and sisters shared amazing and really inspiring stories and result when they addressed to that "question" or "trouble" or "desire" or "calling" whatever you may want to call it! Gosh, I was just blown-away! That made me really think what God has really called me specifically to do... to make a difference! There's a lot of things came to mind but I just really need to define and pray about it... Man, i don't want to "just" exist... I want to live!

Maybe what you are called to do is same with mine! Maybe what bothers you is just the same with others! Perhaps what you know is the answer to the answer to this question: What is it that bothers you?

(I know it's also worth-sharing what they discussed on our devotional so I will write them down on my next blog. Now, it's time to go back to work.. hehe).

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