Thursday, July 29, 2010

My 9th Spirthday!

Yes! It's my 9th Spirthday today (Spiritual Birthday)! Looking back, I was just a young college girl in my second year who was prideful and self-righteous. Although I was religious, I didn't really know the right standard on how I will be able to serve and worship God - All i knew were that I recognize him, I attend mass, I don't commit any crime, nor do something that will lead my family to shame. I was all this until I decided to give a time to study the bible deeper with some friends who invited me to do so and I realized that my standard of worship and knowing God is just too far from His'.

Well, it's been 9 years! Most of these were tough years - but one thing that I'm grateful for is that God has always been with me most especially on the toughest situations of my life. There were lots of sickness and deaths in the family and that included my father's, grandpa's, aunt's! The rest were mostly spent in hospitals with the traumatic and struggling experiences it brought to me and to my family and as well as how much it devoured our resources. But God indeed knows how to comfort, strengthen and encourage His people! I felt His love and concern through my family, friends and the prayers that were lifted up to Him by a lot of people who were really commiserating with us! That was just encouraging! On how we survived and able to brace ourselves in those difficult times, it was just really God! Above all, God gave us healing and taught us to accept the loss. He taught my family to move on and face another chapter of our lives. For our departed ones, they will always be remembered and will always be my and my sister's inspiration. Above all else, God!

Of course that's just the other side of the story! God rewards too! First He blessed my sister with a job in Singapore and was able to have an MA since she's a more career-oriented lady... :) Secondly, God blessed me with healing, a job and an awesome dating life with a really nice and inspiring disciple of Jesus...(ahem):)!

Whatever happened to us, definitely God has His way of keeping us to Himself if we only allow Him to! God makes miracles! God reveals His power and God works for the good of those who love Him - no matter what the circumstance is! God deserves all the glory and honor!

Simply Frannie

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