Tuesday, September 7, 2010

13th of Friday is not at all BAD!

I super like the bouquet and of course the engagement ring! :)
Thanks my love for always so loving, thoughtful and understanding!
I love you so much!
We would hear some stories how some people believe that whenever 13th of the month falls on a Friday, a bad omen is normally accompanied to it... maybe it's just a hearsay or just a sort of an ancestral belief. But hey, this is not at all true with me because at exactly Friday the 13th of August I got engaged to the most wonderful guy on earth! If you are in a long distance relationship, what you would aspire is to be with your beloved ... and to see him on the 13th of Friday definitely doesn't matter! Yes, it's our first meeting after a year and 3 months of being away from each other and little did I know that just a few hours from that time, a big surprise is going to happen! I really did not expect that because it was supposed to be my surprise to him but it turned out the other way around and he really got me good in there! My "supposed-to-be-surprise" to him had been divulged to him few weeks back before he even came back to the Philippines. So my 2 friend-accomplices had become his accomplices and they all, together with my now-fiancĂ© did a great job playing with me in my game! So it was a really good and wonderful "surprise" for me! Because of this wonderful pace that happened in my life, Friday the 13th has become one of the significant dates for me! This has become one of the beautiful times that I will always celebrate with my soon to be partner for life and this is because God has blessed us with a pure and great  relationship! What made us survive the "long-distance" is the "hope, faith & love (1Cor.13:13) that we have for God and for each other!

The Proposal! (I was "happily surprised"!) hahaha...
My sister who came all the way from Singapore for the Big Surprise!
Thanks Ate for all the love and support! I love you!
with the girl witnesses!
with the boy witnesses!

Simply Frannie

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