Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prolactinoma - 1

I haven't really visited my account in Daily Strength where those people who have different concerns, problems, sickness and struggles in many forms create their own Support Group. I signed up an account to understand more of this brain tumor called  Prolactinoma which i was diagnosed last January 2009 (mine was a Macroadenoma). I've been looking for people who may have the same sickness as mine here in the Philippines so I can ask inputs on how to deal with this or if not encourage them knowing that I myself is going through the same thing... and I relate with them. But the search for these people seemed to be quite difficult in those times until today when out of nowhere I decided to check on it (and as usual, I forgot my password... but just browsed the page for Prolactinomas anyways) and finally came across a page with a post from somebody in the Philippines! He is a guy who had already undergone a transphenoidal surgery (which I almost have taken by the way!) and I really feel for him to have gone through that because first it's not cheap, second it's uncomfortable, third it's maybe painful, fourth there is no guarantee that everything will be removed, fifth it could still go back, etc... I am just so blessed that medication works for me! Of course it's not easy but better than going through both! So for sure, I'm gonna retrieve my password so I can give him some advise and find more pinoys who really need help on this!

A Prolactinoma is found near the pituitary area and if the tumor gets
bigger, it causes headache, loss of peripheral vision or even blindness.

For more queries on Prolactinoma, please don't hesitate to post them here. :)

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